Interview with Co-Editors of Special Issue of the European Journal of Cultural Studies on Data Mining

Picture of Co-editors of special issue of The European Journal of Cultural StudiesThe Co-Editors of a special issue of the European Journal of Cultural Studies were interviewed recently about the reasoning behind the publication, which focuses on data mining.

The double issue of the journal is co-edited by Helen Kennedy, Professor of Digital Society in the Department of Sociological Studies, along with Mark Andrejevic from Pomona College, USA, and Alison Hearn of University of Western Ontario, Canada.

In a new interview with Ysabel Gerrard, the co-editors explain how the special issue came into being. They also discuss the significance of the double special issue and what readers can find in there.

Helen Kennedy said: "It's a double issue so there are 12 fantastic papers in it, alongside our introduction. It starts with three framing papers, some of them looking back at the history and the genealogy, and then we move into six papers that look at specific contexts of data mining, and I think that is, for me, the state of the art in the sense of not looking at data mining as a whole.

"There's a paper on data mining and music consumption; there's one about shopping and retail. There's one about self-tracking and tracking one's own bodily data; there's one about geo-location data; there's one about e-books; there's one about open source intelligence and law enforcement. They're very different from each other in their focus on these particular contexts in which the politics of data mining are being played out. The last three chapters think about the possibility of doing data mining differently, and addressing these power relationships and politics."

Listen to the full interview here: