Image of Helen Kennedy

Helen Kennedy to speak at Whitehall on 22 November

On the 22nd November Helen Kennedy will be joining other leading sociological researchers at Whitehall for the British Sociological Association Presidential Event 2018 DIGITAL FUTURES?

The event will showcase cutting edge sociological research which is exploring the ways in which technology is transforming societies, focusing on three key aspects of our digital futures: work, youth and culture.

Professor Kennedy will be taking part in the Data Futures session where she will discuss ‘Why understanding people’s experiences and perceptions of data matters for data futures’.

Professor Kennedy said this about why she is taking part in the British Sociological Association Presidential Event 2018:

"Talking to non-experts about their feelings, perceptions and experiences of and about data matters for data futures. It can call into question expert assumptions about what fair, good, just, ethical data practices and policies might look like, and it can suggest alternative approaches to tackling some of the wicked problems that data- driven change brings with it. I’m participating in this event to share what I know and think about these things with people whose decisions shape lives."