Irish suffrage movement books launched at Professor Louise Ryan's inaugural lecture

Image of Louise Ryan at book launchProfessor Louise Ryan delivered an inaugural lecture on the topic of the Irish suffrage movement to a packed audience at The University of Sheffield last week.

Speaking at the Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences (ICOSS), Louise gave a lively and entertaining account of the votes for women movement in Ireland, which is the also the subject matter of her two most recent books.

Louise, Professorial Research Fellow, highlighted, in particular, the complex relationship between the women's movement and the national independence movement in early twentieth century Ireland. She also drew parallels with some of the challenges facing feminist movements today.

To tie-in with Louise's lecture, students in the Department of Sociological Studies had completed 100 comments cards on 'what Vote100 means to you' in a workshop held at the University earlier the same day (25 April 2018). The 100 cards were displayed at the lecture.

Louise's books were launched at the evening lecture by Dr Breda Gray from the University of Limerick, who has collaborated with Louise on several projects over the years.

The event finished with a wine reception and the beautiful harp music of Maev McDaid, PhD student in Sociological Studies.

Image of Vote100 workshop postcards