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The Fifth Biannual Surveillance and Society Conference

"Watch This Space: Surveillance Futures"

Supported by The Surveillance Studies Network and
hosted by the Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield

Sheffield University and Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield, UK
April 2 - 4, 2012

Surveillance practice is future-oriented. Whether deployed by the state, the private sector or both, surveillance concerns itself, in part, with what is yet to come. These futures range from the prediction or pre-emption of risk, danger, profit, population dynamics and consumption patterns, and the projection and protection of identities online, to the use of techniques to bring about geopolitical change. Throughout the history of surveillance practices, in key sites and at different scales across the world, multiple futures have been made possible and others have been lost. The regulation of surveillance, as well, has a future, as new surveillance techniques and practices challenge the rules and regulatory instruments of the past.

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