Our research students and their topics

Name Scope of research Primary supervisor(s)
Niaz Ahmad Foreign aid, poverty and development in Pakistan Professor Alan Walker
Sarah Akhtar Baz Exploring the Lived Experiences of South Asian Muslim Lone Mothers and the Role of South Asian Women's Organisations in their Lives Dr Jo Britton and Professor Sarah Neal
Nor Ardyanti Binti Ahmad The political economy of development: an examination of the Visionary Capability Movement or Gerakan Daya Wawasan (GDW) programme in Malaysia Professor Alan WalkerProfessor Sarah Neal
Camille Allard To care and to work : The role of Carer leave in the UK
Fahad Rashid Saif Al Jahwari Exploring Evidence for Omani Graduates and Migrant Graduates Employment and Employability in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Oman Dr Majella KilkeyProfessor Louise Ryan
Ahmed Ismeil M Alageili The Role of Self-help Groups in Overcoming Challenges Faced by Mothers of Autistic Children Mr Robin SenProfessor Sue White
Nancy Ansah The impact of advocacy on policy formulation and implementation in Ghana: the case of reproductive health in Ghana Dr Harriet ChurchillDr Afua Twum-Danso Imoh
Natalie Claire Bennett Social connectedness and mental well-being in communities experiencing ethnic change Professor Sarah Salway, Dr Aneta Piekut
Ruth Beresford What are women's experiences of pornography? Professor Sarah Neal
Andrew Borwick Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE): Exploring and understanding social workers decision-making and practices with children identified as being at risk of CSE. Professor Sue White
Hyacinth Blake Family Care for Frail Older Persons in Trinidad: Implications for Social Policy Dr Lorna Warren
Ping Chen Internet surveillance in China: the online activism of the Chinese government Professor Clive Norris
Ross Clark Collective belonging, ‘communities’ and identity construction in the post-industrial era Dr Jo Britton
Emily Coupland Understanding media audiences in the age of big data. Professor Helen Kennedy
Claire Cunnington Adults recovering from Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Salutogenic Approach Dr Tom Clark
Hannah May Fletcher The Brexit vote’s implications for dimensions of belonging among English-born white residents in a working-class neighbourhood in England Dr Jo Britton and Professor Sarah Neal
Monika Elzbieta Fratczak Emotional responses to data and data visualization Professor Helen Kennedy, Professor Sarah Neal
Celso Garcia Ferreira Gomes The meaning and practice of translational research in biomedicine Professor Paul Martin
Lap Hin Fan The investigation of politics of social work under the current welfare policy in China and the negotiation of habitus and identity of social workers in China Professor Alan Walker
Martin Heneghan Pension Provision after the Global Economic Crisis: A Comparative Study Dr Liam Foster
Xiufeng Jia The meaning of data for self-trackers and implications of the data on their self-tracking practices Dr Kate Weiner, Professor Helen Kennedy
Florence Jurua Joseph Exploration of the views of those involved in private fostering arrangements: The privately fostered children, their private foster carers and their birth parents Mr Robin Sen
Min-a Jung Ageing and work issues Professor Alan Walker
Jessica Langston Social Workers' experiences of the 26 week time restriction on care proceedings
Ming Fung Leung Activation programmes as social policy in Hong Kong Dr Liam Foster
Jiaxun Li Mediated self-representation on social media platforms Professor Helen Kennedy, Dr Katherine Davies
August Lindemer A new climate of public reason: impact and trust in science communication Dr Warren Pearce
Ka Man Lo Family and lone mothers in Hong Kong Professor Alan Walker
Lee Marsden Mass media attacks upon vulnerable groups Dr Matthias Benzer
Maev McDaid An ethnographic study of the needs and experiences of older Irish migrants in England Dr Lorna Warren
Abdul Rahim Mohammed Social policy for development in Ghana: Mainstreaming child-sensitive social protection programmes to keep children in school and out of work during fiscal austerity Dr Afua Twum-Danso Imoh, Dr Majella Kilkey
Lydia Moyo Developing an effective multi-agency work Dr Harriet Churchill
Pornthip Netiparatanakul Care, dementia, ageing Dr Lorna Warren
Panrat Nimtaloung Sharing of family for abandoned children as an alternative care in Thailand's contexts Mr Robin Sen
Bethany Nutbrown You’re the real MVP. Understanding community in League of Legends, On and Off The Rift. Dr Tom Clark, Dr Lorna Warren
Tawodzera Obert The role of new technologies in mediating long distance aged care between UK based migrants and their overseas family members Dr Majella Kilkey, Professor Louise Ryan
Ore-Ofe Oladiran An assessment of factors affecting the transitioning from early childhood through adolescence to adulthood in people living with sickle cell disease Dr Kate Weiner, Professor Paul Martin
Kwaku Gyening Owusu Emigration and the diaspora in Africa’s contemporary welfare development: a critical examination Dr Majella Kilkey, Dr Afua Twum-Danso Imoh
Lulu Pinney Acquiring data visualisation literacy Professor Helen Kennedy
Natalie Richardson Witnessing Suffering: A sociological exploration of how suffering is managed in professional lives Drs Kate Reed and Matthias Benzer
Gbenga Akinlolu Shadare Citizens' perceptions and attitudes towards conditional cash transfers in Nigeria Professor Alan Walker
Chris Schimkowsky Friendly but pervasive: Non-assertive control mechanisms and the maintenance of social order in Tokyo Dr. Alex Dennis; Dr. Jamie Coates; Prof. Clive Norris
Permala Sehmar Exploring Family Practices in the context of Domestic Violence and Abuse and State Responses. Mr Robin Sen, Professor Kate Morris
Gbenga Akinlolu Shadare Citizens' perceptions and attitudes towards conditional cash transfers in Nigeria. Professor Alan Walker
Winona Shaw Non-resident fatherhood: a qualitative study of fathers’ perspectives in the context of the diversity of their everyday family and social relationships and lives Dr Harriet Churchill, Dr Majella Kilkey
Nobuko Terai Childrens' childhoods in Japanese schooling Dr Afua Twum-Danso Imoh
Laura Towers Life after death: experiences of sibling bereavement over the life course Dr Katherine Davies
Zhelu Wang Reimaging and Revaluating the U.K. and Brexit: A Comparative Analysis on Chinese Social Media Professor Helen Kennedy, Dr Stefania Vicari
Calum Webb Recurrent poverty, material deprivation and labour market insecurity in the UK Dr Mark Tomlinson
Lauren White Negotiating Everyday Life with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Professor Kate Reed, Dr Kate Weiner
Louise Whitehead The role of co-production in combating social isolation and loneliness in later life: a case study of the Time to Shine project Dr Andrea Wigfield
Joseph Wong A Preliminary Study of the Underemployment Experience of Older Workers Professor Alan Walker
Liam Mark Wrigley An investigation of NEET young people’s social capital networks Professor Louise Ryan, Dr Andrea Wigfield
Natalie Wotherspoon How people with ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome) experience their diagnosis Dr Kate Reed
Yunrui Wu From trainees to trainers: digital labour in a Chinese online fitness company Professor Helen Kennedy, Dr Matthias Benzer
Noor Zainol Abidin The Roles of National and Local Policy and Practices to Support the Commercialization of Biotechnology In Malaysia. Professor Paul Martin
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