Image of Dr Andrew BartlettDr Andrew Bartlett

Research Associate

Dr Andrew Bartlett (BSc (Hons) (York), MSc (Leeds), MSc (Cardiff), PhD (Cardiff))

Telephone: TBC
Room: B07


Andrew joined the Department of Sociological Studies in 2016, having previously worked at Cardiff University on a number of research projects. He completed his PhD (Accomplishing Sequencing the Human Genome) as an ESRC-funded student at Cesagen (the ESRC Centre for the Ethical and Social Aspects of Genomics) in 2008, which explored the experiences of working on the Human Genome Project. After his PhD he was a Research Assistant on the Cesagen ‘Genomics and Psychiatry’ research project, before working with Harry Collins on the ERC-funded ‘Imitation Game’ and an ESRC-funded exploration of the sociology of ‘fringe’ physics.

Andrew’s research has been in the Science and Technology Studies (STS) tradition, and has explored the development of 'big' biology, the collectivisation of research and the practices of interdisciplinarity, and the ways in which both publics engage with science and the ways in which scientists engage with (and understand) publics.

Before moving into the sociology of science, Andrew studied biological science (BSc Biology, York, 1999 and MSc Human Genetics, Leeds, 2001).


Andrew works on Paul Martin and Maurizio Meloni’s Leverhulme Trust-funded project ‘How Does Inequality get 'Under the Skin'? Epigenetics, health disparities and the making of public policy’. This project explores the way in which epigenetic knowledge is being used to understand health inequalities, the influence of epigenetics on public and policy debates, and assesses the broader impact of the epigenetic knowledge and promises on society.


Publications since 2005

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