Bob-Deacon.jpgEmeritus Professor Bob Deacon

Emeritus Professor of International Social Policy

  • Director of the Globalism and Social Policy Programme (GASPP) which is a joint research initiative of the department and STAKES, the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health, Helsinki. (For further information please visit the Globalism and Social Policy Programme (GASPP) site at: GASPP)
  • Founding Editor of the journal Global Social Policy: An international journal of social development and public policy.
  • Elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in 2002.

Bob's main contribution is as a scholar in the field of social policy. This contribution has included the founding of two new journals; Critical Social Policy in 1980 and Global Social Policy in 2000. He was also a founding editorial board member of the journal of European Social Policy. He has pioneered three areas of study namely the study of:

  • communist (and subsequently post-communist) social policy from about 1983 to 1997,
  • globalisation and social policy from about 1995 to date and most recently analytical work in the field of
  • World Regional Social Policy in collaboration with the United Nations University Centre for Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNUCRIS) in Bruges.

This academic entrepreneurial role extended in 1997 to the creation of the Finnish funded international Globalism and Social Policy programme (GASPP). Bob also made a major contribution to the setting up in Thessaloniki, Greece of the South East European Research Centre (SEERC). He was elected to the Academy of Social Sciences in 2003. He currently holds the UNESCO Chair in Regional Integration, Migration and Free Movement of Peoples at UNUCRIS in Bruges.

  • Bob has consequently undertaken advisory or consultancy work for international organisations in the field of international social policy. This has included work for the ILO, ILO-ITC, WHO, UNDP Human Development Report, UNDPTCDC, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, ISSA, UNESCO, UNICEF, Council of Europe, the EU, the African Union and the ICSW. This advisory work to international organisations has been complimented by occasional work for the UK, Swedish and Finnish governments as well as those of the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina etc. Bob is presently a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Social Science Council’s Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP:
  • Bob has developed undergraduates and postgraduates in comparative and international aspects of social policy. This includes developing a pioneering World University Network (WUN) Master level course on Global Social Policy as well as the University of Sheffield MA in Global Social Policy. Bob currently also teaches on the Masters in Public Affairs at Science-Po, Paris. He has undertaken the usual roles as an external examiner and as a quality assessor. Bob is presently a commissioner for the UK Foreign Office’s Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission that is responsible for operating the UK-USA Marshall Scholarship scheme and Chair of its education committee and an advisor to the Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme.

Curriculum Vitae - details all books published but includes other publications only for the period 1992-2010 and activities such as conference papers only from 1996. Summary information is provided about other publications and conference activities prior to then.

Funded Research Projects
Date Sponsor Details
2003-2006 SEERC and ESRC Funds International Actions and Social Policy in South East Europe
1997-2005 STAKES, National Research Centre for Welfare and Health, Helsinki Grant awarded of £453,985 for period 1997-2005 to core fund GASPP,Globalism and Social Policy Programme; an Anglo-Finnish research programme. This work continues with other funding.
2001-2002 Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Globalisation Briefing Advice
1999-2001 Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs ‘The Contribution of Consulting Companies to EU Social Policy Technical Assistance to Eastern Europe’
1999-2000 UK DFID ‘The Social Dimension of Regionalism in Asia, Africa and Latin America’
1999 Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health ‘The External Dimension of EU Social Policy’
1995-1997 ODA 'Social reconstruction and social development in post-war Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia'
1992-1996 Nuffield/Ford/LMU 'Global actors and the making of post-communist social policy in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union'

Publications since 2005

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