Image of Dr Susan OmanDr Susan Oman

Research Associate

Room: Elmfield, B06a

Telephone: 0114 222 6428 (external) 26428 (internal)


Susan Oman joined the Department of Sociological Studies in September 2019. Prior to this, Susan held two consecutive AHRC fellowships looking at data in the creative economy: one, in the Sheffield Methods Institute (2019), and one in the School of Media and Communications at the University of Leeds (2018).

Susan completed her interdisciplinary PhD, based in Sociology and the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) at the University of Manchester in 2017. This investigated the cultural politics of participation and well-being; it was specifically concerned with the contexts of metrics and knowledge production for policy. Susan’s MA was in Cultural Policy and Management and her BA was in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Susan was recently awarded an Honorary fellowship to the Institute of Cultural Practices at University of Manchester in recognition of her research on methods, data and partnership working in the cultural sector.


Susan researches how data and evidence work in practice, looking at particular policy issues, such as well-being, loneliness, inequality and class. Her research is situated in the sociology of knowledge and focuses on the role of knowledge in social change. She seeks to develop practice and policy-relevant understanding through methodologically rigorous projects that have practical impact in various ways. She achieves this through working with relevant stakeholders, academics and non-academic research partners within her institution, across the UK and internationally.

She worked on the AHRC-funded projects: Data, diversity and inequality in the creative industries and What constitutes ‘good data’ in the creative economy?. Susan is currently working on the Living with data project.
The Living with data website profiles her research in a section called: How data work in contexts.

Susan has previously led a systematic review of data and literature for a Wellcome-funded project to investigate subjective well-being as a metric for the cultural sector. During her PhD Susan was awarded funding from The University of Manchester’s Student Union to lead a project to investigate postgraduate well-being in the institution through qualitative fieldwork and survey re-analysis.


Publications since 2005


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Journal articles

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Book chapters (Peer-reviewed)

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Policy briefings and sector working papers

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Oman, S. (2019) Measuring Social Mobility in The Creative and Cultural Industries – The importance of working in partnership to improve data practices and address inequality. The University of Sheffield.

Published reports

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