Agri-Food Decarbonisation and Environmental Restoration

To achieve net-zero within the UK food system we urgently need to develop technologies and processes that reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by food production from “farm to fork”.

Green farmland and fields stretch out in the distance. In the foreground a man is covering some hay bales with black plastic
The Regather Farm in the Moss Valley

We're looking at the potential for decarbonisation of our food through local, values-based primary production. This means the production of food using low-carbon processes, embedded in local and regional communities, targeting economically marginalised groups.

We're also examining how we might be able to process and sequest carbon dioxide using the food system.

This theme will deliver against National Food Strategy targets at a regional scale, such as improving food security, supporting those on low incomes to improve their diets, supporting farmers to adopt regenerative agriculture practices, and innovating for a better food system.

Initial projects are:

  • Produce a natural capital assessment map for South Yorkshire
  • Produce a roadmap to achieving a values-based, circular food system in South Yorkshire
  • Establish South Yorkshire green infrastructure to enable delivery of the net zero food system roadmap