Our approach

Sustainability is a balance between environmental, economic and social factors. Our interdisciplinary team applies this full spectrum of knowledge to find solutions to regional and national sustainability challenges.


The South Yorkshire Sustainability Centre brings together teams of experts to apply their sector knowledge to some of the most serious challenges facing society.

Our approach is designed to consider all aspects of a challenge and develop and implement solutions which balance environmental, economic and social sustainability.

We do this by applying knowledge from four work packages, chosen to balance these factors. By applying these lenses to problems, we are able to compare, prioritise and design the most impactful interventions for South Yorkshire's sustainability challenges.

Graphic showing the interaction between work packages and themes

Work Packages:

Regional and National Governance and Policy

Providing local and national policy makers with the evidence they need to make sustainable policy decisions.


Just Transition

Ensuring that the transition to a sustainable South Yorkshire is centred around the views, wellbing and livelihoods of its citizens.


Professor Will Eadson, Sheffield Hallam University

Data-driven Solutions

Capturing, tracking and modelling data to measure sustainability impacts.


Sustainability Assessment and Supply Chain Innovation

Assessing the resilience of supply chains to identify ways to improve local sourcing and technological innovations


The South Yorkshire Sustainability Centre is currently working on three of the highest-emitting and most difficult to decarbonise areas of the South Yorkshire economy. 


Residential and Transport Decarbonisation

Achieving net-zero requires decarbonisation of homes and transport.

We're looking at how homes in South Yorkshire can be retrofitted to reduce energy use and improve health and wellbeing, as well as understanding how and why people need to move around in order to reduce transport emissions.

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Agri-Food Decarbonisation and Environmental Restoration

To achieve net-zero within the UK food system we urgently need to develop technologies and processes that reduce the amount of CO2  emitted by food production from “farm to fork”.

We're looking at how we can produce food using low-carbon processes, embedded in local and regional communities that target economically marginalised groups.

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Industrial and Commercial Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation of industrial heating and electricity is key to successfully achieve net-zero.

We are targeting support for SMEs to identify, record and manage their emissions, helping to develop a knowledge base for managing and reducing emissions.

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