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Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and there are over 100 Universities nationwide taking part in the Green Impact Students' Union Programme for 2016/17. The scheme aims to encourage both staff and students to work together in reducing their environmental impact by providing a concise workbook of tasks to follow. By forming or joining a Green Impact departmental team, you will gain access to the online workbook and can start implementing the actions needed to reduce your environmental impact. As well as helping to improve the environment, you will also be working towards Bronze, Silver and Gold awards which are presented at the final awards ceremony. Additional to these are 5 special awards which are accredited to those who show exceptional effort and innovation.

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"The Student Services Department strives to reduce its carbon footprint and provide excellent services to students in a green and sustainable way through its network of Green Impact Champions. We are proud of the Green Impact Awards achieved and support the on-going initiatives to introduce 'greener' working practices throughout our teams. "

Did you know

  • The university currently spends approximately £86,500 a week on electricity alone
  • The university’s annual CO2 emissions would fill the Arts Tower 479 times

Our targets:

  • Reduce energy carbon emissions and water consumption
  • Adhere to the Biodiversity Action Plan
  • By 2015, 4 in 5 staff at the university, will be travelling to work sustainably
  • Produce policy and guidelines on environmentally responsible procurement for the university
  • Produce policy to ensure that our buildings, plant and equipment are constructed and maintained to environmental best practice
  • Divert 90% of construction, demolition and excavation waste away from landfill

Student Services Department Green Impact Teams 2016/17

Admissions and Recruitment Support

Laura Hull L.Hull@sheffield.ac.uk

Careers Emma Nagouse e.nagouse@sheffield.ac.uk
Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

Kathryn Fey-Beatson K.M.Fey-Beatson@sheffield.ac.uk


Belinda Wilson Belinda.Wilson@sheffield.ac.uk

Adam Greenwood A.Greenwood@sheffield.ac.uk

Disability and Dyslexia Support (DDDS) Sarah Armour S.Armour@sheffield.ac.uk
English Language and Teaching Centre (ELTC) Deborah Cobbett D.Cobbett@sheffield.ac.uk
Learning and Teaching Services (LeTs) April Dawson A.Dawson@sheffield.ac.uk
Lifelong Learning

Julie Cook j.k.cook@sheffield.ac.uk

Angela Johnson A.M.Johnson1@sheffield.ac.uk

Jack Smith Jack.Smith@sheffield.ac.uk

Bishnu Pariyar B.Pariyar@sheffield.ac.uk

Modern Languages Teaching Centre (MLTC) Jeremy Fisher J.Fisher@sheffield.ac.uk
Outreach and Widening Participation (WP)

Samantha Dixon S.K.Dixon@sheffield.ac.uk

Victoria Lingard V.Lingard@sheffield.ac.uk

Nancy Hughes Nancy.Hughes@sheffield.ac.uk

Jake Redfearn J.A.Redfern@sheffield.ac.uk

Projects and Development Team (PAD) Karen Cohen K.Cohen@sheffield.ac.uk
Student Administration Services Edward Smith E.P.Smith@sheffield.ac.uk
Student Services Information Desk (SSiD)

Simon Stewart Simon.Stewart@sheffield.ac.uk

Mike Cawley M.Cawley@sheffield.ac.uk

Genevieve Gardner G.R.Gardner@sheffield.ac.uk

University Health Service (UHS) Ben Hallsworth B.Hallsworth@sheffield.ac.uk
301 Student Skills and Development Alice Hargate A.Hargate@sheffield.ac.uk

Further Information

Please greenimpact@sheffield.ac.uk for more information.

Further information on the Green Impact Scheme can be found at