Student Support and Wellbeing

Student Support and Wellbeing is part of the Student Services Department and draws together five service areas:


Student Support and Wellbeing also takes a lead in strategic initiatives such as:

The Student Mental Health Strategy

The strategy group aims to develop a coherent institutional approach to the development of student mental health services at the university and has produced a guide for staff: ‘Concerns about a student's mental wellbeing - a guide for staff’

Alcohol and substance abuse - good practice

The students and alcohol group aims to keep up to date with research, monitors university data and disseminates information and good practice including the ‘Alcohol Good Practice Document (working with students)’

Ensuring support is Focused, Appropriate and Boundaried

Continually reviewing the purpose of the non-academic support that we offer students, the extent of it and its limitations, and the role that students play in their own support. This is particularly linked to students requesting extenuating circumstances and when considering fitness to study.

Our specialist services, academic departments and Fitness to Study policy and procedures seek to enable as many students as possible to be supported through University and to achieve their potential.

This includes both the arrangements in place to safeguard children and the university’s responsibilities to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

A university-wide collaboration aimed at raising awareness of health and well-being issues.