Introducing Peer Assisted Study Sessions to your department

The Peer Learning Team at the 301 Student Skills & Development Centre have already worked with 8 departments across 4 faculties to introduce Peer Assisted Study Sessions schemes to modules/programmes. If you are interested in exploring how PASS could be implemented in your department then 301's Peer Learning Team are here to help.

Getting started

If you are interested in setting up a PASS scheme in yoPASS Iconur department then there are a number of things to consider. Although PASS is a student-led scheme, it does require input from both the Peer Learning Team at 301 and your department to, set-up, monitor, develop, and embed the scheme. 

If you are thinking of introducing PASS then we would always recommend that you contact us at and we can arrange to meet and discuss your aims for PASS and how these can best be achieved.

How long does it take

A successful PASS scheme takes time to implement and involves a number of stages; from identifying and clarifying the aims of the programme, to recruiting leaders, scheduling session times, and booking venues. We would recommend allowing a minimum of one semester in which to plan the scheme and for the recruitment and training of your PASS Leaders.

If you already have one or more PASS scheme in your department OR if you are considering using the PASS model to support a specific piece of work in a programme or module, then it may be possible to introduce a scheme more quickly.

Contact the PASS Team at and we will be able to discuss this with you and provide advice and guidance on the best approach to take.

What support is provided by the Peer Learning Team at 301

The PASS Team at 301 provide central support to all PASS schemes taking place within the institution. The PASS Team can support with301 Overview Logo

  • Advice and guidance for setting up and structuring your PASS scheme
  • Support with the recruitment and selection of PASS Leaders
  • Provision of full training and ongoing support to your PASS Leaders (Training is developed and delivered by trained PASS/SI Supervisors)
  • Observation of PASS session delivery to support quality assurance of the scheme
  • Central coordination of PASS Leader and participant recognition - HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report)
  • Central coordination of PASS scheme evaluations
Learning from others

When considering implementing a PASS scheme in your department you may want to read about our existing PASS schemes and how they are structured. You can find out more about these schemes on our case studies pages. Each scheme has differences in how it is structured and delivered and there is scope to design a PASS scheme that meets the needs and requirement of your students.

Contact the PASS Team at to discuss this further.