Posters in Parliament

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Posters in Parliament 2018

In February 2018, The University of Sheffield sponsored Posters in Parliament in association with the British Conference of Undergraduate Research

PiP is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the range of undergraduate research being undertaken at UK universities, as well as to showcase the tremendous progress that the UK has made in this area. BCUR has made a significant contribution to this success and continues to work to promote undergraduate research in all disciplines by providing students with an opportunity to share their research through poster presentations, spoken papers, or through creative outputs such as performances and film.

The event started with a workshop run in The Jubilee Room in the Houses of Parliament by Sky Yarlett from the Parliamentary Outreach Team. The workshop 'Delivering People, Power and Parliament session, aimed at giving attendees an idea of the role and powers of Parliament and how to get involved.' 

TUoS not only organised the event but took two SURE Students along to represent the undergraduate research taking place at the institution. These students were selected by a panel of Faculty representatives. We look forward to taking two more students again next year to represent our institution and the SURE Scheme.



Posters in Parliament 2018 Award Winners

54 students from 27 institutions presented their undergraduate research to MPs and external guests.

Overall Winner:

PiP-JBJames Blake, University of Warwick

"This has been a truly amazing experience. To win is fantastic - I was not expecting it. I’ve seen Parliament on TV but never been here, and it’s been really exciting to meet lots of different people from different backgrounds."


Highly Commended:

PiP-IUImelda Uwase, University of Aberdeen

"I worked so hard on this project, and it’s been such a great opportunity and a privilege to communicate the findings of my research on climate change to policy makers. This award is not only for me, but also the James Hutton institute. The high quality of other students’ work was really encouraging to see."


PiP-MWMichael Woods, University of Central Lancashire

"It was really satisfying to communicate my research to those working in the realm of science and speaking to leaders in their field."


Judging Panel: Professor Stuart Hampton-Reeves (BCUR chair and founder and Director of Research for the Faculty of Culture and the Creative Industries, UCLAN), Nick Hillman (Director of HEPI), Sky Yarlett (Senior Student Engagement Officer,
Parliament Education Outreach Team).



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