Meet the team

We currently have 6 members of staff on the support tutorial team. All tutors are experienced teachers and specifically qualified to work with students with SpLDs.

Photo of SpLD Team

SpLD Tutors (left-right). Back row: Kate Connery, Eleanor Machin, Emma Tudhope, Chris Webb, Vicky Mann. Front row: Eve Rowland, Harriet Cameron (now left UoS).

Victoria Mann

Academic Director/Specialist SpLD Tutor

Photo of tutor Victoria Mann

I am Academic Director for the Specialist SpLD Tutorial Team. I have been a specialist SpLD teacher since 2009, and specialise in dyscalculia, English as an additional language, and multiple literacy practices. I am very proud of our tutor team who are dedicated to working with their students in partnership to help them to build upon their strengths and work around some of the obstacles to learning they experience. Whether our tutors’ focus is upon innovative development of materials, SpLD training, or upon practice-based research, in addition to their teaching, each member of the unit makes an excellent contribution to the team. As such, we are able to offer a very high quality service to the students we support.

Kate Conneryphoto of kate connery

Specialist SpLD Tutor

I have been working as a specialist SpLD tutor for the past five years, in both Higher Education and Further Education. I hold Associate Membership of the British Dyslexia Associate (AMBDA), acknowledging my qualifications as a specialist SpLD tutor and assessor. The one to one tutorials at the University of Sheffield offer an opportunity to work in partnership with students to build on their strengths and to develop effective learning skills and strategies. The content, time and frequency of tutorials are negotiated with each individual student. My aim is to enable students to become confident, independent and successful learners.

I have also worked extensively developing study skills in Higher Education, teaching English to international students and managing a camp site in France


Eleanor Machin 

Specialist SpLD Tutor

I have been a full-time tutor with the SpLD tutorial service for two years, and have loved every minute of the job. I think it is fantastic that we have such dedicated students. I love being able to help, whether it is just a simple comment such as, "I always feel so much better when I've been here"; observing the 'light-bulb' moment when they've discovered a new strategy; or the summer emails I get at the end of their course, telling me how brilliantly they've done!

My PhD research area is dyscalculia and the assessment of dyscalculia in older learners, but I am also particularly interested in multi-sensory and multi-modal teaching and learning across all SpLDs.

Chris Webb

Specialist SpLD TutorPhoto of tutor Christine Webb

Although originally trained as an illustrator, this is my ninth year as a dyslexia/SpLD tutor, helping students to improve their study skills and academic writing. The transition to higher education can be difficult: students are expected to work independently, adhere to academic conventions, and cope with new social situations that can be overwhelming. Working in partnership with students, I try to increase their confidence and independence, putting strategies in place to overcome their specific learning differences.

Emma Tudhope

Specialist SpLD Tutor

I am fascinated by how Specific Learning Difficulties/differences (SpLDs) can impact on students’ learning in both positive and negative ways, and enjoy working with students to use their strengths to find ways around their difficulties. Although some SpLDs can present similar types of difficulties/strengths, each student is different, so it’s vital that 1:1 tuition is tailored to the individual’s needs, rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It’s really rewarding to see students become more aware of how they learn, begin to develop and build upon their own learning strategies and observe them grow in confidence.

Eve Rowland

Service Administrator

I have been working as administrative support for the team for 4 years now and I really enjoy working in education. I also help with the other English Language Support services we offer and really enjoy meeting students not only from the UK but also abroad.