Critical Thinking

Why should I go?

Critical thinking is a skill that you might not have experienced before, or one that you might not always understand, yet it is an essential part of university-level learning. It involves synthesising information, analysing arguments and evaluating evidence. It ensures that conclusions you draw are informed, well-reasoned and backed up by evidence.

What will I learn?

This workshop outlines what is meant by critical thinking, and why it is a vital skill to develop. You will take part in small group activities, to test and develop your critical thinking skills. The workshop also outlines the difference between description and analysis: an important distinction. This session will help you apply critical thinking to your academic work, but also recognise that it is a useful skill beyond your studies.

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From Evidence to Argument

This double-bill workshop will cover the process of critical thinking from the point of identifying and evaluating the most appropriate sources through to the use of those sources in the construction of an effective academic argument. Jointly delivered by 301 and the Library, this workshop will introduce a number of strategies to get the most out of your reading and research to put together a compelling and well-reasoned piece of writing. There will be opportunities within the session to practise and develop these skills.

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