Time Management

Why Should I Go?

Procrastination, or putting off tasks which need to be done, is a challenge of time management that can have a major impact on our levels of stress and anxiety. Once dismissed as simple time-wasting or laziness, procrastination is now understood as a genuine psychological response to workload demands. Procrastination is particularly prevalent among university students, for whom the combination of numerous deadlines, lifestyle factors and pressure to succeed can make it very difficult to organise time effectively and keep on top of assignments.

What Will I Learn?

This workshop will introduce the specific challenges associated with procrastination and help you to identify and understand when and why you might procrastinate, rather than get on with the task in hand. By taking procrastination seriously, this session will help to dispel some of the myths around procrastination and help you to develop effective strategies to keep it at bay and get the most out of yourself in your academic work.

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