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301 is a centre for excellence in student skills training, support and development at the University of Sheffield. Part of Academic Programmes and Student Engagement, located at 301 Glossop Road (please note the building is currently closed), we provide Academic Skills Workshops, 1:1 Study Skills Appointments and a Maths and Statistics Help Service (MASH) in our bespoke teaching and study space (all workshops and appointments are currently taking place via Blackboard Collaborate and Google Meet), as well as administering and facilitating the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) scheme and the Undergraduate Awards. 

We also have extensive online resources including Study Skills Online, Maths and Statistics online resources and the Undergraduate Research Hub.

Study Skills Workshops

301 runs a programme of 1-1.5 hour Academic Skills Lectures and Workshops tailored to suit students at all levels of study and from all disciplines. Workshops cover a range of areas related to students' academic work and are available on a sign-up basis throughout the teaching period. Sessions take place on weekday lunchtimes, evenings and Wednesday afternoons to fit in around students’ timetabled classes. For current information on topics and timings, please visit our Study Skills Workshops page.

1:1 Study Skills Tutorials

301 holds daily 1:1 study skills tutorials throughout the teaching period. These 30-minute appointments are run by our team of postgraduate study skills tutors and are suitable for students at any level of study and from any discipline. Common topics of discussion include time management, planning and structuring an assignment, applying feedback to future work and preparing for exams. For further information and a current timetable, please visit our 1:1 Study Skills Appointments page.

Study Skills Online

301 also hosts Study Skills Online; a student-facing repository of digital resources, downloads, information and links to support all areas of student learning and assessment. Please have a look around the pages to see if there is anything that would be useful for your teaching and get in touch with us if you identify any gaps or additional information that would be helpful to include.

We have also created a set of new online packages that pulls together various resource to support academic skill development which are personalised to a students year of study. By following these packages students can develop a wide range of skills to help them excel in their studies with the added opportunity to gain HEAR recognition for their commitment to enhancing their academic and employability skills and personal development through the Academic Skills Certificate.

Maths and Statistics Workshops

The Maths and Statistics Help service run a programme of workshops throughout the teaching period covering a range of areas relating to statistical analysis methods, software and techniques as well as maths anxiety. For a list of Maths and Statistics workshops, please visit the MASH workshop programme here

Maths and Statistics 1:1s

The Maths and Statistics Help service run daily 1:1 appointments and drop-in slots for students to come and talk to a team of trained postgraduate tutors about course and assignment-related maths and stats. For further information and a current timetable, please visit the MASH homepage and select either Maths Appointments or Statistics Appointments.

Undergraduate Research

301 facilitates the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) scheme, which is an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain experience of hands-on research alongside academic colleagues. The SURE scheme is part of the Undergraduate Research Hub at 301, which is a resource to support students in developing and disseminating their research activity, including information on student research conferences, publications and other opportunities. 

Collaboration with Departments

301 has worked with departments across all faculties to develop bespoke workshops, resources and learning materials to use within programmes of study. We welcome requests from academic departments to provide one-off or multiple workshops to students within a module or course of study. Previous models of departmental collaboration include:

  • Support for mapping and embedding of academic skills and/or maths and statistics skills within programmes
  • Working in collaboration with academic staff to develop tailored learning materials for modules and programmes
  • Creating and sharing digital and online resources for use within modules and programmes
  • Support and training for the embedded delivery of study skills and maths and statistics sessions within programmes
  • A core programme at 301 Academic Skills Centre of face-to-face study skills, maths and statistics workshops and 1:1 tutorials to support students’ co-curricular skills development
  • An Academic Skills Certificate to record and reward student engagement with co-curricular skills development opportunities
  • A Skills Audit and Skills Resource Bank to help students and tutors identify appropriate opportunities to develop academic skills

While we will endeavour to meet all requests for collaboration, please bear in mind that we are a small team with a limited capacity. Please get in touch as early as possible in the planning stages of modules and programmes to ensure a suitable lead-in time.

Further Information

301 depends on the support of academic departments to raise awareness of our services among students and staff and to provide referrals to our workshops and 1:1s via Personal and Academic Tutors and module tutors. Further information about our services for students is available via the 301 homepage.

For general enquiries, or to express an interest in collaborating with 301, please contact 301:, 0114 222 9744.