Searching for Researching

When you produce academic work, you want to develop your own knowledge and understanding in response to the most useful, most relevant, and most informative material you can find. All of us know how frustrating it is when we desperately want to know about something and yet find the information we are being given unhelpful or incomplete. We can overcome this if we learn how and where to research the best sources of knowledge. Even more important is learning how to sort the best sources from the rest. We call this evaluating sources.

In addition to academics and other students, at university you are likely to draw on a wide range of different information sources: individual webpages, encyclopaedias, major web-based resource sites, datasets, reference books, newspapers, scholarly books and journals, textbooks. There are also many different tools available to help you search the content of these different resources, for examples indexes (or databases) of academic journal contents.

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