Your Questions Answered

This page outlines some questions we have received from students about our procedures and explains why in some cases we cannot change our services based on your feedback. 

Why does a replacement UCard cost £5?

Where you have lost your UCard, we charge £5 for a replacement to cover the production costs and as an incentive to ensure you take appropriate care of your card.

Where your card has been stolen or damaged due to reasonable wear and tear we will provide you with a free replacement.

We aim to ensure our prices remain fair and compare favourably with other Universities.

Comparative Costs of Replacement Student Cards

  • Sheffield: £5
  • Manchester: £10
  • Birmingham: £10
  • Leeds: £10
  • Nottingham: £15
Why do I have to pay for certain SSiD documents?

Where you are a former student, most of the services we provide have a small fee attached to them to account for staff time (e.g. if we have to search manually through archive records and documents) and/or materials (e.g. producing documents on watermarked paper).

We provide this service to current students and recent graduates (up to 12 months after graduation) for free as we don’t think it would be fair for these groups to incur the costs of document production for former students.

Why do I have to update my address details myself and why can this take 24 hours to process?

You have a responsibility to keep the details on your student record up to date to ensure the University can contact you for whatever reason.

You can easily change your details through your MUSE account.

We have a system in SSiD which we can use to produce certain documents instantly with your new address after a change is made.

In some cases it may take 24 hours for a document with your new details to be produced as the new address details need to be uploaded onto your student record by CICS and checked against the Royal Mail’s post code database for accuracy.

Why can't I get a Council Tax exemption certificate from SSiD?

We can only issue you a Council Tax exemption certificate where you are on an UG, PGT or PGR full-time course lasting a year or more.

For more information on your eligibility for exemption, including students partaking in Erasmus/Study Abroad or on a Leave of Absence, please visit the page below.

Why do I sometimes have to queue at SSiD? We deal with over 100,000 customer enquiries every year, a large percentage of which are dealt with at the front desk. We aim to serve you as quickly as possible, however during busy periods such as September and October it is not always possible to prevent queues from forming.

To manage footfall at the counter, we publish graphs outlining our busiest periods (12-3pm) so you can plan your visit accordingly.

A large proportion of the services we offer can now be accessed online if you are unable to visit in person.