Using Your Feedback

This page outlines our feedback process and some recent improvements we have made as a result.

Leaving feedback

When you visit SSiD in person we will send you a personalised email the following day asking for your feedback.

Alternatively, you can leave us some feedback via the form below.

Leave us some feedback

We are committed to continually improving how we collect, review and act upon feedback in order to better our services. Any concerns you may have are taken very seriously and we will respond to you personally in order to take the appropriate action.

Reviewing your feedback

We hold a monthly meeting to discuss your comments, suggestions and complaints. This may result in changes to our services, further staff training, or the referral of your comments to other departments around the University.

Recent improvements

We have made the following improvements to our services based on your feedback:

Que assistants

Following feedback on the length of queues during busy periods, we now hire que assistants to assist with your enquiries while you wait.

Online store

To ensure your documents arrive securely and on time, we now offer a range of delivery methods for documents ordered through the Online Store, including special delivery and DHL delivery.

The page below outlines what documents can be ordered via the Online Store.

Translation dictionaries

We now sell a range of translation dictionaries for use in examinations, which are sold over the counter at a reduced price compared to other high street stores.


We recently upgraded the quality of the webcam we use to take your UCard photos following your feedback on the quality of these pictures.

We have also clarified our policy based on your feedback about UCard charges. Please visit the page below for more information.

For a further explanation of why we charge for certain documents and where your money goes, please visit the page below.