Using Your feedback

We are committed to using customer feedback to improve our services. Over the years, we have looked to improve how we collect and act upon feedback from all our customers, particularly students.

How Did We Do Yesterday?

If you visit SSiD in person we will send you a personalised email the following day, asking for your opinion on how we did.

SSiD prides itself on delivering a high standard of customer service. Our monthly satisfaction rating is consistently at 95% or higher. We do, however, take any of your concerns seriously. We ask staff to work with a Team Leader in responding to you personally, and take any appropriate action.

Monthly Review

SSiD holds a monthly meeting to discuss the comments, suggestions and complaints you have fed back to us related to policies and procedures.

This may result in changes being made to our services, further staff training, or referring your comments to other Departments around the University.

Recent Improvements


Following comments related to charges for replacement UCards, SSiD has worked on making its policy clearer. More information can be found on the UCards page. A student-friendly version is available on request.

Reference Computer

In addition to the reference computer available in SSiD, an Apple iPad is also available for use by students. Please ask if you require any assistance.

Bank Information

SSiD can produce you a letter addressed to a bank of your choice. To make this easier, multiple posters and reference sheets are available outlining what local banks have to offer to students. This information is available on the Banks page.