Central Collection Point

An outline of the forms, letters and leaflets available from SSiD and our post box service for staff and students. 

Forms, letters and leaflets available from SSiD

  • Access to Thesis Form
  • Academic Appeals Form
  • Address Change instructions
  • Add/Drop Forms
  • ATAS Template Letter
  • Complaints Forms
  • Data Protection Request Form
  • Erasmus / Study Abroad Latecomer Packs
  • Erasmus / Study Abroad Guidance on Council Tax
  • Exam Venue Directions
  • Exentuating Circumstances Forms
  • Freedom of Information Request Form
  • Leaflets, Brochures and Guides
  • Maps of the University
  • Prospectuses
  • Religious Observance and Examinations
  • Re-sit Examinations Abroad
  • Uncalimed Degree Certificates
  • Stolen UCard Declaration
  • Study Abroad Information and Application Pack
  • Visa Extension Packs
  • Visitor Self Guided Tour

Post box for staff and students

You can also give us documents to deliver to staff in other parts of the University who will then process them. These include:

  • Module add/drop forms
  • Change of Status forms
  • Study abroad outgoing packages
  • Financial Support application forms