Providing Value for Money

At SSiD we recognise that the services we provide to current students need to demonstrate good value for money.

We try to use the budget we are given economically, efficiently and effectively as possible. This is mainly spent on office stationery and the day to day running of the unit but we try to devote the remaining resources to improving the current student experience.

Free of charge

We provide over 30,000 documents to current students and 90% of these are free such as Council Tax Letters, Bank Letter, Letter Confirming Student Status, Letters with Term Address details, etc. However, the materials for some items (such as transcript watermarked paper and UCards) cost a considerable amount of money and we have to make some charges to cover these cost.


The majority of income comes from former students of the University wanting prove their previous status as a student. Where current students do pay charges it is for ‘extras’ such as having documents sent by courier delivery rather than normal postage. This income is ploughed back into the service

Minimising cost to current students

We try, at all times, to minimise the charges on current students by charging a little more to students who graduated over a year ago who we believe are able to afford it.

For example: A Transcript of Qualification costs over £3 to produce and we only charge current students £1 per transcript. To offset this cost, we charge students who have graduated over a year ago £5 (including postage and packing).

Discounted prices

The things that we do sell to current students at discounted prices. For example: dictionaries are £1 cheaper than the shops and bike locks half price.

Digital Media

In 2018 we replaced our three one minute videos that were created in 2010. These new video were all made in-house by the Student Communications Team on a small budget. The fact that they look expensive is the reflection of that talents of that team not the amount of money we spent on them. For example:

UCard Video

This video was financed from less than 3% of the income we get each year from Replacement UCard fees. Over a typical year 4,000 student lose their UCards. This is inconvenient and disruptive for students and their studies. We wanted to find a new and engaging way to help reduce this number.

Student Status Letter

This was financed by monies from seventeen Alumni who needed replacement Degree Certificates. It is important that when students approach third parties such as landlords, banks, embassies, etc. they can prove their student status and we wanted to highlight that fact.

Council Tax Video

This was financed by twenty five Alumni who graduated from the University before 2000. Each year many students come to us when they receive a bill from the council in a bit of a panic. We wanted a way to highlight the fact that they could get a Council Tax Exemption Certificate and some guidance from SSiD well before this happened.

Student Temps

Most of the income we get from past students goes to pay the wages of our casual staff most of whom are current students.

Fees to Current Student

Our fees compare favourably with other Universities and we have not increased our prices in over 15 years.

Service Sheffield Birmingham Leeds Manchester Nottingham
Student Card Replacement £5 £10 £10 £10 £15
Additional Transcripts for current students £1 £10 £10 £20 £10