Value for Money

An outline of why we charge for certain documents and where your money goes. 

Cost of documents

90% of the documents we provide are free, such as Council Tax letters, bank letters etc.

We request a small fee for extras such as courier delivery and items that require costly materials such as official transcripts on watermarked paper and UCards.

You can also purchase dictionaries and bike locks from SSiD at a lower price than elsewhere.

Discount for current students

Whilst you are still a registered student you can obtain certain documents at a discounted price.

For example, one Transcript of Qualification costs over £3 to produce. We charge £1 per transcript for current students and £5 for students who graduated more than one year ago.

Where your money goes

The money you pay to purchase documents or items from us is injected back into SSiD.

The majority of our income comes from former students requesting documents to prove their attendance at the University.

Most of the income received from former students goes towards the wages of our casual staff, most of whom are current students.

In 2018 we made three one minute videos to replace the ones made in 2010. These videos were all made in-house by the Student Communications Team on a small budget. You can find a breakdown of these costs below.

UCard video

Over a typical year, 4,000 students lose their UCards. This video was created to reduce the amount of lost UCards and outline what to do if this happens.

The video was financed from less than 3% of the annual income we receive from replacement UCard fees.

Student status letter video

The aim of this video was to outline when a student status letter is required and how to obtain one.

This was financed by the money obtained from 17 Alumni who required replacement degree certificates.

Council tax video

The aim of this video was to highlight that students can obtain a Council Tax Exemption letter from SSiD to prevent them from being charged.

This video was financed by 25 Alumni who graduated from the University before 2000.

Fee comparison

We have not increased our prices for over 15 years and these compare favourably with other Universities.

Services for current students Sheffield Birmingham Leeds Manchester Nottingham
Student card replacement £5 £10 £10 £10 £15
Additional transcripts £1 £10 £10 £20 £10