How to access your results

How to access your results and what to do next.

Undergraduate students

When we publish your results

We’ll release your undergraduate results online at the following times:

Autumn semester: Monday 15 March 2021 from 2pm

Spring semester: Friday 9 July 2021 from 2pm

August (resits and special sittings): Friday 10 September 2021 from 2pm

How to access your results

Log in to MUSE and select My Services > myResults.

If you're a cross-sessional student (i.e. you're progressing to the next level of your programme in Semester 2) and your transfer to the next level has already been processed, your results will be accessible via MUSE > My Services > myResults > Previous Results.

Your online statement will then tell you what to do next, based on your exam results.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The live preview of your HEAR will be updated when your results are released. You can access this via MUSE > My Services > HEAR.

Visit the site below for more information, including when and how you can access your official HEAR.

Postgraduate students

When we publish your results

You will receive a secure electronic transcript of your official results once your Faculty has approved their release. This usually takes place in November.

Your department may release provisional, unofficial results before this time. Please contact them directly for further details.

How to access your results

Please visit the page below to find out when and how to access your official transcript.

Access your official electronic transcript

If you require an official paper transcript, please request this from SSiD:

Request an official paper transcript

If your department has released provisional results and you require a document confirming these, please contact SSiD to request a summary of results (this is subject to approval from your department).

Request a summary of provisional results

Visiting Students (Erasmus and Study Abroad)

We will issue you with an electronic transcript via our Gradintelligence system in line with the dates below.

Your electronic transcript is official certification of your results, which you’ll need to share with your home institution via our electronic transcript system.

You will receive an email from when your document is available.

Any results you may have seen/discussed with your department before these official publication dates are provisional only.

  • Semester 1 Visiting Students: between 15-19 March 2021
  • Semester 2/Full Year Visiting Students: 9 July 2021 by 5pm

Please note: if you have taken postgraduate modules, it is possible that some results will not yet be available. This is because some examination boards to approve postgraduate results may not have taken place yet. If you have missing grades, your transcript will be re-issued to you later in the year. This may be as late as the start of December.

If you have outstanding debts

You must pay any money you owe us such as tuition-related debt before you can graduate.

For more information, please visit our graduation pages.

If you need to re-sit

If you’re a first year undergraduate student you can re-sit a maximum of twice, otherwise you can only re-sit once.

For more information on resits and reassessment, please visit the page below.

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