Online Assessment Report Form for Assessments 2020-21

Please use this form to report issues arising during an online timed assessment. You do not need to submit the form during your assessment but must do so as soon as possible afterwards.

The information you include on this form will be monitored by the Student Examinations Team, SAS. Key information will be verified and reported, as required, to the appropriate academic or professional services department. Please note that completion of this form does not constitute a request for online support with your assessment. This process is intended as a mechanism for you to report issues arising during an online assessment that has impacted on your performance or ability to complete or submit answers within the time allowed.

Section A: Academic

To report concerns or questions regarding the academic content of your assessment to the department responsible, please provide brief details. (e.g. if you think something is missing, or incorrect).

Section B: Technical or System

If you experience any problems accessing the assessment which appears to be technical (eg problems with connectivity, your computer or other equipment required to complete the assessment), please provide details in this section.

Did you contact for support during the assessment?
Did you contact for support during the assessment?

Section C: Personal

If you are unable to complete the assessment for personal reasons (non-medical) please provide brief details in this section.

Important note:

If you become unwell during the assessment and are unable to continue, please refer to the University’s procedure for Extenuating Circumstances: