Opening a Bank Account

This page provides information for students wanting to open a UK bank account.

Nearest branches

The nearest banks to the University campus are:

How to open a bank account

Due to Covid-19 you must apply online for a bank account. Once you have made your online application your chosen bank will give you further instructions on the account opening process. 

You must provide your chosen bank with:

  • a bank letter, available online from SSiD
  • a valid form of identification (e.g. passport, driving license, national ID)

When you have received your bank letter, you should book an appointment with your chosen bank. You can usually do this via their website.

Most banks offer free account opening but there may be charges for some services. Make sure you read their information before opening your account.

We cannot recommend a specific bank account to you. Individual banks have different features and incentives which may help you decide, such as overdrafts, free railcards or gift cards.

Bank letters

When you are fully registered,  you can request your bank letter online via the link below:

Request a Bank Letter

Please make sure your home and term time addresses are correct on your student record before requesting your bank letter.

View/change your address

Your bank letter should outline your:

  • date of birth
  • level of study
  • home address
  • term-time address
  • registration number
  • mode of attendance
  • expected completion date 
  • evidence you are a registered student
  • name (exactly as it appears on your passport)

Bank Letter Example

Types of Bank Account

Current account

A current account is the most common type of bank account. It will allow you to withdraw cash immediately and pay for goods.

A cheque book will be supplied with your name and account number and you can pay for most goods by cheque if you wish.

Student account

A student account is the same as a current account but has special terms and incentives for students, for example some student accounts offer an interest-free overdraft.

Basic bank account

Some banks have a Basic Bank Account which is roughly equivalent to a student account but with no credit/overdraft facilities.


Where you set up a student account, it is likely that you will be offered an overdraft. This means you can still withdraw money from your account up to a specified limit when your available funds go below zero.

Overdraft facilities and conditions will differ between banks. Your chosen bank can provide you with specific information regarding setting up an overdraft.

International Students

Please visit the page below for specific information on opening a UK bank account.


Email SSiD about Bank Letters