Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Students

This page offers information, support and advice for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students.

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Student Representation

The University has a dedicated BME Committee which represents students from African, Middle-Eastern, Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Indigenous American and Indigenous South Pacific Islander decent.

The committee campaign to support the rights of BME students and address issues of equality and representation in the University and wider community.

For more information on events, activities and how to get involved, please visit their page below.

Harassment, Bullying and Hate Crimes

Where you have experienced or witnessed harassment or bullying, you can report it to the Student Harassment and Bullying Support Network via the form below.

Report an incident

Please visit the page below for further information.

Hate Crimes

A hate crime is any crime committed against someone because of their disability, transgender identity, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.
Hate crimes can take various different forms, such as:

  • blackmail
  • harassment
  • exploitation
  • intimidation
  • verbal abuse
  • online abuse
  • damage to property
  • bullying or intimidation
  • physical abuse/violence/assault

We have a zero tolerance policy towards hate crime and strive to ensure every member of the University community feels safe on our campus.

Where you have experienced or witnessed a hate crime, please report it to University Security in the first instance on:

  • 0114 222 4085 (24 hours)
  • 0114 222 4444 (emergency)

Please visit the page below further advice and information.

Equality and Diversity Monitoring

Ethnicity is an important aspect of equality monitoring. In our registration and monitoring procedures, we use the categories recommended by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights and used in the 2011 census.
We collect and analyse equality information in order to:

  • determine who is/is not accessing our services
  • determine the impact of our policies and practices
  • review and improve our policies and practices

For a detailed outline of our Equality and Diversity Policy, please visit the page below.

Student Recruitment Data

The below figures are taken from internal recruitment data from 1/12/16 and demonstrate the diversity of our student community.

UK Home White BME Unknown BME%
Undergraduate 15,578 12,927 2,434 217 16%
Postgraduate 4,109 3,398 491 220 12%
Totals 19,687 16,325 2,925 437 15%

All Home  International/EU   International %
Undergraduate 19,661 15,640 4,021 20%
Postgraduate 8,286 4,166 4,120 50%
Totals 27,947 19,806 8,141 29%