Certificate of Student Status (Graduation Attendance)

When overseas students are inviting family or friends to attend their graduation ceremony in Sheffield, they will require a Certificate of Student Status.

Purpose of Certificate:

This certificate confirms your status as a student and also includes a sentence confirming that you and guests have been invited to a graduation ceremony.

Terms of Service:

  • An online request can be made using the link below.

Request for a Certificate of Student Status

  • Before submitting your request please check your MUSE account to make sure that your term time address is up to date on your record.

Information on Letter:

  • Full name and student registration number
  • Sentence confirming that the student and guests have been invited to attend a graduation ceremony
  • Term Time address
  • Period of registration
  • Date of birth
  • Registration status (full/temporary/provisional)
  • Student Status (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Attendance type (full-time/part-time)
  • Degree programme and level of study
  • Official University stamp