Methodist: Revd Dr Catrin Harland

Picture of Catrin HarlandThe University Chaplaincy Centre,
The Octagon Centre,
Western Bank
S10 2TQ.

Tel: (0)114 222 9861(external),
29861 (internal)
07597 673106 (mobile)

email :

I've been Methodist Chaplain at the University now for around 9 years. In addition to my role at the chaplaincy, I am responsible for the pastoral care of the students who worship in the local Methodist Churches, and am also the Methodist Faith Adviser at Sheffield Hallam University.

I have a PhD in Biblical Studies, and my research interests include the ministry of the early church, and the first-century church's interaction with Judaism and Graeco-Roman religion. In my spare time, I enjoy drumming (badly), climbing (badly), and watching cricket and F1 (with considerable talent). 

If you'd like to talk to me, I can be contacted by phone or email, or through Facebook, or can almost always be found at the Chaplaincy Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and often at other times too. Drop by to see me, or make an appointment here. Alternatively, I can often be found drinking coffee and available for a chat, in the University and Union's many coffee shops, so come and say "hi!"