URC: Jean Russell

Jean RussellThe Multifaith Chaplaincy Service
The Octagon Centre
Western Bank
S10 2TQ

Tel:0114 222 3098

email : j.russell@sheffield.ac.uk

Hello, I am Jean Russell, the URC Religious Advisor and an Elder at St Andrew’s URC Sheffield.

During the week I work in CICS (Corporate Information and Computing Services) providing research support to researchers who are using statistical or qualitative data analysis packages in the University. On evenings and Weekends I am in the final stages of finishing a Phd on the ways URC congregations sustain their identities at the University of Birmingham. I arrived in Sheffield twenty years ago and have now stayed here twice as long as I have stayed anywhere else.

The URC is a denomination created by the merger of different strands of the Reformed tradition. As such we are a mix between Churches of Christ, Presbyterianism and Congregationalism. What that means is worked out in
each local context. However to an outsider we are distinguishable by our tendency to paint things blue, go on walks and sell orange marmalade!

If you would like to know more, I am happy to chat or put you in contact with a local congregation (not just my own). I can be contacted either on my work email or extn 23098.