D. Accommodation and Facilities

  1. Accommodation and facilities will normally only be made available for religious services, which are organised by or with the co-operation of the Multifaith Chaplaincy Service or an individual on their behalf and authorised by the relevant Officer in the Department of Student Services.
  2. In the event of a group which is not affiliated to the University or an individual making an application to lease a room for the purpose of religious service/activity, the Officer in the Department of Student Services who is responsible for religious matters shall be consulted. S/he should also consult the appropriate denominational chaplain.
  3. At the request of Chaplains/Religious Advisers, the University may make available, through the normal process, information about relevant facilities or events. All publicity must be transparent and clear, stating the aim of the event or group.
  4. The Chaplaincy Service is permitted to use such services [e.g. SDU courses] as will facilitate its contributing to the work of the University.
  5. The University's guiding principles for religious activities must be respected at all times.