Student Faith Societies

There is a faith society suitable for every student. This information page gives you an idea of the different societies that we have here in Sheffield, organised through the Students' Union.

Ahlulbayt Society

Image of Ahlulbayt Society logo

Sheffield Ahlulbayt Society has been set up with the aim of propagating the light of Islam, The Holy Quran, the Prophet of Islam and his Holy Progeny [Ahlulbayt] and strives to fulfil the spiritual, social and academic needs of all Shia Muslim students in Sheffield University.

Buddhist Society


Discuss Buddhist philosophy and practice Buddhist meditation.

Ahmadiyya Society

Image of Ahmadiyya Society logo

Sheffield Catholic Society


For (not only) Catholic students and their friends. The CCF join regularly for fellowship. Email the society for more information.

Charis Chinese Christian Society

Image of Charis Chinese Christian society logo

We are a group of Chinese students who are interested in building community and have a desire to spread the gospel of grace especially but not exclusively to the Chinese students in Sheffield.

Christian Medical Fellowship Society

Image of the Christian Medical Fellowship logo

We aim to unite Christian Medical students in the University, and support one another in our faith.

Christian Orthodox Society

Image of the Christian Orthodox Society logo

In our weekly meetings we discuss relevant and current topics from the point of view of our faith. We also dedicate periods in the year to studying certain books of the bible. We pride ourselves in offering an in depth education of both old and new testament and in understanding who God is and what his intention for our lives.

Christian Union


An evangelical Christian group affiliated to UCCF with regular large meetings and smaller bible study groups looking at how we can be discipled and how we can reach out to our university. Email the society for more information.

Christians in Sport


A Christian group meeting for prayer and fellowship. For details about its activities, please email.

Islamic Circle


The Islamic Circle regularly organise socials, dinners, talks, weekend courses, and even a spring camp. Get in touch for more information of how to join the society.

Jewish Society


The Jewish Society is open to all students to meet up with other Jewish students or just to experience what Judaism has to offer. Email the society for more information.

Just Love Society

 Image of Just Love Society logo

A community of Christian students at the University of Sheffield committed to pursuing God’s heart for social justice in our city, our nation and our world

National Hindu Student Forum Sheffield Society


We are a Hindu Society open to both Uni of Sheffield and Hallam University students. Our aim is to Preserve, Promote, Practice and Protect our Hindu Dharma within university.

Secular and Atheist Society

Image of atheist society logo

We attempt to live our lives and make sense of our existance through rational thought, scientific enquiry, appreciation for our planet and our fellow humans. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome, just come along to a meeting or event.

Sikh Society


The Sikh society provides an insight to the Sikh religion and provide a friendly environment for all Sikh students to get to know each other and share views. All students are welcome of different religions, race and beliefs.

St Columba's Orthodox Society

St Columbia Society Logo

Saint Columba's Orthodox Society started in December 2013, under the blessing of Father Edwin Hunt, our Orthodox Chaplain. We aim to provide a place for spiritual continuity to students who come from Orthodox countries, but also a gateway for exploring the heritage of Early Christianity in the British Isles. With members from England, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania, our activities range from weekly evening prayers to film screenings, talks, creative workshops and volunteering, seeking to find how an Orthodox way of life can be actively and fruitfully expressed through the daily existence of a student living in the UK.

Student Christian Movement (SCM)


SCM is a Christian group offering a vision of Christianity where it's okay to ask questions, a place to share insights, debate issues, work for positive change and make friends. Email the society for more information.