Disciplinary Appeals


The Discipline Regulations allow students to appeal, on specified grounds, against a decision made in line with any of the disciplinary procedures under those Regulations.


You may only appeal against a decision upon one or more of the following grounds:-

  1. that there was a material procedural irregularity which rendered the process leading to the original decision unfair;
  2. that the penalty imposed was too severe as being disproportionate to the charge;
  3. that material of which the student could not reasonably have been expected to be aware at the time of the original decision casts substantial doubt upon the correctness of that decision.


You should inform the Student Conduct and Appeals Team of your intention to appeal within 15 working days of notification of the decision of the Discipline Committee, the decision of the Chair of the Discipline Panel, the decision of the Investigating Officer, or the decision of the Director of Accommodation and Commercial Services (ACS).

The Student Conduct and Appeals Team may refer the case to the Disciplinary Appeals Committee of the Senate, which may:

  • confirm or quash the original decision, or
  • substitute a different penalty, or
  • refer the matter back for a rehearing by a differently constituted Discipline Committee, or a different procedure under the Discipline Regulations.


Advice for Students


Read the Regulations as to the Discipline of Students for the relevant academic year in the