Council Tax Exemption Certificate

This page provides details on claiming student exemption for council tax.

Students registered on a full time programme of study may be exempt from paying Council Tax or may qualify for a reduction in the amount payable.

Self Service via MUSE

  1. Log onto MUSE and select the ‘My Services’ link (top of page)
  2. Select the ‘View all services’ link to view the A to Z list
  3. Scroll down to C and select the ‘Council Tax Exemption Letter ’ link

If you can not print a certificate online then call at SSiD and have a Council Tax Letter printed while you wait.

Definition of a Student for Council Tax Purposes

You will count as a student if you are on a course which:

  1. lasts at least one academic year; and
  2. requires attendance for at least 24 weeks per year; and
  3. involves at least 21 hours of study, classes or work experience per week during term time.

This means that some students (eg. those studying at the ELTC Summer School) may not be elligible for exemption from Council tax.

For those students studying away from Sheffield, and can not get to the SSiD office during normal business hours e.g. Distance Learning, Year Abroad, Nursing, TILL etc, applications for council tax exemption letters can be made on-line using the form below.

Note: Students in their writing up year of an MPhil or PhD must apply in person to the SSID in The Students Union building. Students who have submitted are not eligible for Council Tax Exemption.