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Workshop on Chronic Suicidality and Self-Destructive Behaviour with Janina Fisher PhD

Monday 24 June 2019 - 10:00 - 16:00

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Chronic Suicidality and Self Destructive Behaviour

The chronically suicidal client presents a special kind of stress for the therapist. Not only do we feel the emotional stress in working with the emotional pain, but we also feel the additional burden of risk and responsibility. Should we hospitalise this client? Should we keep in more frequent contact? Is the level of suicidality an immediate threat to life and safety? The client who wants to die is not taxed by these questions but the therapist is.

This workshop offers practical strategies for assessing the level of risk day to day or week to week, for collaborating with suicidal clients despite their resistance to collaboration, and for transforming clients’ relationship to thoughts and impulses to suicide. When suicidal ideation and impulses are framed as inherently adaptive strategies to increase the sense of control over unbearable emotions or vulnerability, they become more easily managed, thereby increasing safety.

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