UCS Annual Lecture 2016 - Review

Joined by lead speaker, Professor Sir Simon Wessely, the lecture unpicked and unraveled the themes of whether there is a cultural shift towards over-medicalising everyday experiences.  It was also discussed within learning and educational contexts as to whether there are benefits for Universities, schools and colleges in offering students additional provision. 

As with all our events, there was lots of stimulating discussions and (polite) disagreements. It seems that with mental health access being such a topical issue there is much needed to be done by government, policy makers and providers in considering new strategies to meet the growing needs of the population. Clearly, there is good work being done across various support services and it was heartening to see such a strong turnout in a sell-out 200 person capacity event.

Videos will be made available shortly via the website - stay tuned!

Annual Lecture Archive

2015 - UCS Annual Lecture 2015 with guest speaker Dr Oliver James
Guest panel including Professors Kathryn Ecclestone, Tim Kendall and Peter Sudbery.
Chaired by Dr Brendan Stone
'The Human Genome Project - an analysis of the relationship between mental health and genes'

Part 1 - PLAY

Part 2 - PLAY

Part 3 - PLAY

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2014 - UCS Annual Lecture 2014 with guest speaker Dr Aaron Balick
Chaired by Dr Brendan Stone
'ON line and ON demand: the psychology of modern media from Facebook to the X-Factor'

Part 1 - Introduction (4mins 43s) - PLAY

Part 2 - Social Media and Motives (4mins 29s) - PLAY

Part 3 - The Last Book You Read (4mins 59s) -  PLAY

Part 4 - Ego and Recognition (5mins 03s) - PLAY

Part 5 - Conclusions and The Future (5mins 39s) - PLAY

2013 - The presentation used by Jeremy Holmes at the UCS Annual Lecture 2013 titled 'The Many Dimensions of Resilience: What Can Attachment Theory Tell Us?'. 
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