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Our Range of Services

Online Self-help

Quick to access and easy to use

Access: Immediate

Notes: A selection of recommended sites to enhance your wellbeing


Stress busting workshops, such as Mindfulness, to enhance your study life.

Access: Immediate

Notes: Our workshops are offered across Semesters 1, 2 and 3 - see specific workshop page for booking details

Events and Fun-Days

Stigma-busting experiences to stimulate and enhance your understanding of wellbeing.

Access: Immediate

Notes: Past events include Pet Therapy, Knitting and our high-profile Annual Lectures

Individual Counselling

To give you perspective and see things more clearly.

Access: Referred clients from SAMHS only

Notes: Students may be referred for more one-to-one sessions after Triage if deemed suitable and appropriate

For any questions, please email us on UCS@sheffield.ac.uk