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Drop in Workshops - Music for Wellbeing

 - Singing for Mental Wellbeing

 - Preparing Yourself for Presentations

“I Don’t Sing Because I’m Happy; I’m Happy Because I Sing!”

Booking: No need to book, simply come along on the day!

Clothing & Equipment: No special clothing required.

Singing for Mental Wellbeing

Wednesday 30th May, Alfred Denny Conference Room
2pm until 3.30 pm

This practical and interactive session will use singing-related techniques to:

  •   Enhance physical, psychological and social wellbeing
  •   Reduce psychological stress and tension
  •   Encourage physical relaxation
  •   Manage anxiety
  •   Build confidence

Workshop participants will learn how to use singing-related techniques for physical relaxation, confidence-building and managing anxiety. Basic postural exercises, breathing techniques, and simple voice production activities will be introduced in a relaxed but energising workshop session.

No expertise in singing or musical performance is required by the participants. Reaping the physical, psychological and social benefits of singing is not dependent upon musical skill, vocal quality or tunefulness!

Preparing Yourself for Presentations

Monday 4th June, Council Room in Firth Court
2pm until 3.30pm

A Confidence-building Workshop

This practical and interactive session will introduce a range of strategies to help:

  • Boost confidence for presenters
  • Manage ‘performance anxiety’ or ‘stage fright’
  • Develop positive body language
  • Enhance audience engagement and interaction
  • Improve vocal production

Workshop participants will learn strategies for confidence-building and managing ‘performance anxiety’ when preparing for public speaking.
The session will provide a set of ‘tools’ for anyone giving presentations or attending interviews of any kind. Basic postural exercises, relaxation activities, breathing techniques, and simple voice production exercises will be introduced in a relaxed but energising workshop session.

Some of the activities will include basic singing-related techniques but no previous experience (or skill!) is required by the participants.

The workshop facilitator is Dr Michael Bonshor, a music psychologist, choir leader and voice teacher.

He specialises in using singing-related techniques to increase relaxation, reduce stress, improve psychological resilience, build confidence and manage performance anxiety in musical and non-musical situations. Michael is the author of ‘The Confident Choir: a Handbook for Leaders of Group Singing’, which focuses on building confidence through singing together. Recent projects include running training workshops for Rock Choir leaders, exploring the benefits of group singing activities for mental health service users, researching the wellbeing effects of brass band playing, and facilitating practical Music and Wellbeing workshops.
Although he works with musicians of all ages and abilities, Michael has special expertise in helping ‘non-singers’ to find their voices, and in encouraging confident performance for musicians and non-musicians in a wide range of contexts.

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