Workshop Recordings Archive

Missed one of our workshops? Or can't get on to campus because of placement? Whatever the reason, you can get the benefit of hypnotherapy by using the below recordings from the original workshops. All sessions are led by Fiona, a UCS psychotherapist.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety Session 1

recorded 12/10/2018

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Session 2

recorded 19/10/2018

Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Self-Esteem Session 1

recorded 09/11/2018

Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Self-Esteem Session 2

recorded 16/11/2018

Giving Confident Presentations Session 1

recorded 23/11/2018

Giving Confident Presentations Session 2

recorded 07/12/2018

Improving Low Mood Session 1

recorded 18/01/2019

Improving Low Mood Session 2

recorded 25/01/2019

Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

recorded 08/02/2019

Be More Relaxed in Social Situations

recorded 01/03/2019

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