How will we live in a world of 10 billion people?

10bn is a HEAR accredited online course open to second year undergraduate students from all disciplines.

Over three weeks you'll explore current research topics which relate to the theme 10bn. Through videos, articles and online discussion boards, you'll learn about some of the wicked problems we face as the global population grows and discover how researchers at the University of Sheffield are exploring these issues and developing solutions to them.  Some of the topics you'll explore include:

  • The representation of migrants in the media
  • The use of assistive robots for an ageing population
  • How technology can be used to ensure food security
  • The concept of social justice and prosocial behavior
  • The importance of woking collaboratively to tackle climate change

Doing the 10bn course will give you the opportunity to learn about subject areas and issues that may not be covered elsewhere on your degree. You'll learn about how interdisciplinary research projects emerge while developing essential skills in critical thinking, cross-discipline communication and peer review.

A series of talks and workshops based around the above research topics will run alongside the online course. These will help deepen your understanding of the issues covered and will also give you the opportunity to meet the other students on the course in person. Below are some of the talks from last year.

Who are the 10bn? with Tony Ryan and Paul White

Universal healthcare in a world of 10 billion, with Marco Viceconti

10 billion: Future prospects and current thinking, with Danny Dorling and Carl Lee