Support Worker Service

If your Disability Adviser or DSA assessor recommends you have a support worker, these are usually arranged by our Support Worker Service. Support workers can include:

  • Library Support Assistants support students with accessing library materials.
  • Practical Support Assistants provide practical support which can include mobility support around campus and assignment support.
  • Laboratory/Workshop support workers provide individual support in specialist laboratory settings to ensure the student is able to perform experiments safely to the best of their abilities.
  • Examination Support Workers can act as a scribe, reader or exam prompt.
  • Notetakers attend and take notes in students taught sessions so that they have an accurate record of what has been covered.
  • Specialist Mentors provide support in one-to-one sessions with students, providing assistance in developing organisational skills, managing workload and maintaining focus on academic progress.
  • Specialist Study Skills Tutors aim to increase a student’s competence in learning independently, through developing the skills needed to cope with study difficulties.
  • Sign Language Interpreters provide BSL interpreting of lectures, seminars, practical sessions etc

If you want to find out more about the Support Worker Service, please contact us at: Tel: (0114) 222 3991/1413