Examination Attendance

Religious Observance

Any student who is not able for religious reasons to attend examinations is asked to complete a 'Request for Religious Observance Form'.

Examination Clash Reporting

DRAFT timetables will be published during November and March/April respectively each year. If two examinations coincide either report the clash to SSiD in the Students Union building within 7 days or complete the on-line Examination Clash Form

Students with Disabilities

Alternative examination arrangements may be arranged for disabled and dyslexic students. For example, students with dyslexia who have obtained a diagnostic assessment are usually given additional time, depending on the level of need.

Absence Due to Illness

Illness before an examination: A candidate who is taken ill prior to an examination should consult the University Health Service at the earliest opportunity in order that alternative examination arrangements can be considered and a medical report can be made to the examiners.