The Use of Calculators in Examinations

Exam Calculators and DictionariesAll calculators used during examinations must be approved models and have an approved sticker. Please note, the University does not provide calculators in examinations.

I do not have a calculator and wish to purchase an approved model:

Consult the on-line calculator checker for a list of approved models. Approved models are available to purchase from the Student Union shop.

I already own a calculator and I want to use it in my next exam:

If you already have a calculator first check that it is an approved model, using the on-line calculator checker.

Calculator Checker

My calculator is an approved model:

If your calculator is an approved model, please take it to SSiD where a sticker will be attached. This will ensure that exam invigilators allow you to use it during your next exam.

My calculator is a prohibited model:

If your calculator is a prohibited model you will not be allowed to use it during your exam. Please replace it with an approved model.

Approval given to calculators in previous years remains valid. Any calculators which are already marked as approved do not need to be re-submitted for approval. If you attempt to introduce a calculator to an exam that is a prohibited model it will be confiscated and a report will be made to your department.

Additional Notes: Calculators which do not have an external means of programming and have numeric function only will almost certainly be permitted. A calculator will be prohibited if it has an alphabetic display of stored data (including text, graphs or images) or equations or alphabetic formulae; (models which produce alphabetic out-put only in the form of messages in the normal course of operation are permissible). Models will also be prohibited if they are capable of external programmability, whether by detachable modules or the insertion of cards, tape, bar codes or cassettes, or by any other means.