Five a day for Exams   

The exam period can be quite overwhelming and it's easy to let stress get the better of you but you can keep stress levels down by doing our '5-a-day for exams'. 

It's a bit like a daily M.O.T. on your body and mind and it's a great way of staying healthy and improving your exam performance.

Choose one item from the five a day categories below everyday during the exam period:

1. Take control

Set small achievable revision goals
You can feel stressed by the amount of work you have to do and if you're not careful you can procrastinate as a way of coping. Breaking your work down into smaller tasks is a great way of getting started and setting smaller achievable goals will build your confidence. You can gradually build up if necessary.

Take control by:

  • Breaking your work into smaller tasks such as writing so many words or working for so many minutes
  • Creating a to do list
  • Prioritising your goals
  • Giving yourself a treat when you achieve a goal

2. Be Healthy

Prepare and cook one meal a day

Under Stress your body heats up and burns more energy so remember to eat well to refuel and drink more water to stay cool. Cooking and preparing a meal is a great way of relaxing and maintaining a healthy diet. Give your energy and concentration a mighty boost!

Be healthy by:

  • Preparing and cooking a meal from scratch
  • Eating breakfast
  • Drinking water when revising (2 pints a day)
  • Eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg

3. Stay active

Make time for exercise.

If you play a sport, have a hobby or work out then keep doing it. Your body needs a release from all that sittng around revising. Exercise is a great stress buster. It will help you to unwind, rest your mind and re-energise.

Stay active by:

  • Walking rather than taking the bus 
  • Using the stairs rather than taking the lift
  • Going for a lunch time stroll
  • Taking a 20 minutes break and getting some fresh air

4. Keep Connected

Make some time to be with other people

Keep up with social activities because revising can be lonely and you can lose confidence if you spend too much time on your own. 

Keep connected by:

  • Arranging a coffee or a lunch break with a friend
  • Sprending some time chatting with housemates
  • Organise a group study session or study with a friend
  • Calling family or friends

5. Wind down

Create a winding down routine 90 minutes before you go to bed

You will feel on maximim alert during your exams so you will need time to unwind.

Having a winding down routine will give your mind and your body time to calm down

and get ready for sleep. It's important to do things that help you switch off from study.

Wind down by:

  • Turning off your computer a couple of hours before bed
  • Cutting out caffeine drinks before bed
  • Having a hot bath or shower 
  • Listening to music
  • Reading a novel