Attending Examinations

What if I miss an exam?

If the exam is still underway, please report to the Exams Team, Registry Services, Level 6, Students' Union. If the exam has finished, please contact your department immediately.

What must I do if I am unable to attend an exam due to religious observance?

You must complete a Religious Observance form no later than the 3rd week of the semester in which the exam is due to take place. Please ensure you submit a form each semester, including August if applicable.

What if I am ill during an exam?
  • If you wish to withdraw from an examination because of illness you should inform an Invigilator and you may be escorted to the University Health Service.
  • If you are temporarily affected by illness but is able to continue the examination after a short absence, the period of time lost through illness will be noted and the information taken into consideration where appropriate.
What if I am ill the day before an exam?

If you are ill before or on the day of the examination, make an appointment to see a doctor at the University Health Service immediately, even if you are registered elsewhere. The University Health Service will contact the Exams Team with recommendations for alternative arrangements if required. You may be provided with a medical certificate, which you should hand to your department.

What if I miss an exam due to ill health?

You must contact your department immediately. You must also complete an Extenuating Circumstances Form which can be downloaded or collected in person from SSiD. You will need to provide a doctor's note when you submit this form.

Can I take my calculator into an exam?

Approval for a calculator to be used in examinations is granted on an individual basis and each calculator used must be checked and approved PRIOR to the examinations.

Can I take a dictionary into an exam?

Students whose first language is not English may take a dictionary into an exam. The dictionary must be taken to SSiD for approval before the examinations.

Can I take an electronic dictionary into an exam?

Electronic dictionaries are not permitted in exams.

Can I bring my mobile telephone into the examination room?

Please leave your mobile telephone at home. If you do bring it, please switch it off and place in the envelope provided on your desk.

What can I do about exam stress?

For some people examinations are a source of inordinate stress. It can reduce the efficiency of performance so that results emerge lower than they should. You can find help and advice of the Dealing with Exam Anxiety web pages.

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