Resitting Exams

Where can I find draft August examination information?

There is no draft timetable available. The final timetable will be published on the web by the end of July.

What should I do if I want to book a holiday/attend a family event in August and I have a re-sit?

Holidays (or other social commitments) are not classed as good cause for missing an exam. As a student of the University you are expected to be available for all examinations as required.

What happens if I do not attend the re-sit?

If you have received a result of F (Fail) or NA (Not assessed) and you do not take the exams in August, you cannot proceed to the next level of your degree. This delay can have significant financial implications and it could affect your expected graduation date.

What do I do if I fail, or was ill during, the August exams?
  • If you F(Fail) of are NA (not assessed) and wish to attend the University to take these units in the next academic session, you will need to complete a Change of Status form.
  • If you F (fail) or are NA (not assessed) and you wish only to submit work or attend the exam as an external candidate (not in attendance) then complete the re-exam/reassessment application form.
What should I do if I do not want to take the exam in August (PC result only)?

If you have been awarded a Conceded Pass (PC) and do not intend to be re-assessed (at any time) in any of the units listed, please tick the box on the on-line reassessment form.

What should I do if I send my re-examination form in late?

There are strict deadlines for applying for re-sits/re-examinations.

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