Plagiarism, Collusion and the Use of Unfair Means in Assessment

Assessment, whatever form it takes, is the means by which the University tests whether a student has achieved the objectives of a course and the standards of an award.  It is fundamentally important that students are assessed fairly, and on equal terms with each other for the same award.

Any attempt by a student to use unfair means to gain advantage over another student in the completion of an assessment, or to assist someone else to gain an unfair advantage, is cheating.  Cheating undermines the standards of the University's awards and disadvantages those students who have attempted to complete assessments honestly and fairly.  It is an offence against the values of the academic community of which students and staff are both part.

More detailed guidance for students on what constitutes unfair means and how to avoid this, is provided in the guidance document available from the Downloads box on the right.