Undergraduate Reassessment

Please read the guidance accompanying your results carefully, before proceeding.

Undergraduate students who wish to apply and pay for reassessment in the August 2016 period should do so via the Resit Payment Pathway, linked below.

Please note: You are not required to pay for any module with a result of NA (Not Assessed) and you are automatically eligible to sit exams or to submit coursework, as a first attempt.  You do not need to submit a reassessment application for NA modules.

Resit Payment Pathway 

Examinations Overseas

Undergraduate students who have an international fee status and are required to resit examinations may apply to sit these in their home countries using the Resit Payment Pathway. Please note, this service is not available to home students.

If you have any questions about your application, please contact the Student Examinations Team


Reassessment fees are charged at £15 per 5 credits, rising to a maximum of £145 for 50 credits or more in 16/17. For a full table of reassessment fees, please click here

Pass Conceded Results

If you have been awarded a conceded pass (level result PC) you may proceed to the next level of study even though you have failed one or more modules. Please seek advice from your academic department before applying.

Final Year Students.

Registration Status: FAIL (FINAL) – Fail (Final Year), NA (FINAL) NOT ASSESSED FINAL

This means that you cannot graduate this academic session, though you have one further opportunity to resit your failed final examinations next academic year. Please contact your academic department for further advice.

Time limit:

University Regulations stipulate that a full-time candidate must complete the Final Examination for a degree within a period two years greater than the minimum required to complete the programme of study. (For example, a three year full time programme must be completed within five years). If you have any queries relating to this time limit, please contact the Taught Programmes Office. You should note that following any reassessment of failed units(s) you will not be eligible for an Honours degree. This means you will only be eligible for an unclassified Pass degree (without Honours).

Postgraduates, Medicine and Dentistry

Postgraduates and students in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health should continue to follow the guidance available via the links on the right hand side of this page.