Medicine Re-examination / Re-assessment

The explanation sheet (sent with your examination results) will provide guidance on how to proceed in light of your examination results. If you have F (Failed) or NA (Not Assessed) results you should follow one of the options below.

1. Online Application and payment

You can apply to resit (F) failed modules (and a combination of Failed and Not Assessed modules) and pay online (where required) by following the instructions below.

a) Check your results statement for details of the modules that you need to apply to resit.

b) Calculate the amount you need to pay using the table below. No fee is required where the result is NA (Not Assessed).

MED111 £123
MED211 £68
MED311 £68
MED411 £123
MED412 £68
MED513 £123
Not Assessed units Nil

c) Click on the link below to proceed with your on-line application. Please select the one that applies to your circumstances and follow the instructions carefully.

2. Failed Level/Year

If you intend to REPEAT the year, with attendance during 2018/19, you will need to complete an Application to Repeat a Period of Study Form.

If your end of year results are F (Fail) or are NA (Not Assessed) it is unlikely that you will be in a position to enter for reassessment as an external candidate. Please seek academic advice from your department.
It is assumed that you will resit all failed modules. If your academic department has agreed that you are not required to resit a specific failed module you must notify Registry Services, Level 6, Students' Union, by producing written supporting evidence obtained from your department.