Postgraduate Reassessment

Please use this form to request and pay for reassessment taking place during your first or initial period of registration.

If you have received your final results and wish to re-register for a REPEAT period of study, or to request an extension date for a dissertation, please see the information available here -

If you have module results of F (Fail), NC (Not Completed) or NA (Not Assessed) and you wish to take a resit exam during your initial period of registration (September to September) or the October session immediately following, you should follow the steps below. Students who need to re-register to repeat a period of study should read the information available here.

1. Check your Results

Check your results or contact your department for details of the modules that you need to apply to resit.

2. Modules and Fees

If you have Failed (F) and/or Not Completed (NC) modules OR a combination of Failed (F) and/or Not Completed (NC) and Not Assessed (NA) modules you should apply and pay online by following the instructions at Section 3 below.

3. Online Application and Payment

a) Calculate the amount you need to pay using the table below. No fee is payable where the module result is (NA) Not Assessed). A full list of fees is available here

POSTGRADUATE FEES (including Legal Practice Course LPC) Academic Year 2018/19
Per 5 credits (minimum charge) £22
Per 10 credits (1 GDL or LPC Module) £44
Per 15 credits (or 1 element of Clinical Neurology modules) £66
Not Assessed Units Nil

b) Click on the link below to proceed with your on-line application. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Repeating a period of study in the following academic year

If your final degree result is F (Fail) or NA (Not Assessed) and you intend to REPEAT study with attendance, you need to complete an Application to Repeat a Period of Study Form. Please see the link on the right hand side for further information.

If your final degree result is F (Fail) or NA (Not Assessed) and you wish only to submit work or attend the exam as an External candidate in 2018/19, please see the link on the right of this page

To apply for an extension to the deadline for your dissertation, you will need to apply to repeat a period of study.  The fees are listed at

Any international student who chooses to register as external candidate will be reported to UKBA on the start of their registration date or date of application (whichever is most applicable). Please find more information here